12-Step Programs

Twelve Step Programs are one of the most sustainable forms of wellness that I know of. They are self supporting, free, non-hierarchical, open to the public, available all over the world, (and now available by teleconference call for people in remote areas) and enormously successful at treating addictions, codependency, and more. Below is a complete list of 12-Step Programs.

–Didi Pershouse, CCH, L.Ac. , Two Rivers Clinic

Drug/Alcohol/Nicotine Addictions

· AA – Alcoholics Anonymous www.aa.org

· CA – Cocaine Anonymous www.ca.org

· CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous www.crystalmeth.org

CDA – Chemically Dependent Anonymous, (for anyone dependent on any mind or mood altering substance) www.cdaweb.org

· MA – Marijuana Anonymous www.marijuana-anonymous.org/

· NA – Narcotics Anonymous www.na.org

· PA – Pills Anonymous www.pillsanonymous.net

NicA – Nicotine Addicts Anonymous—Smoking, chewing, etc. www.nicotine-anonymous.org

SG – Serenity Groups (for people with more than one addiction) www.serenitygroups.org

Codependency and Families of Addicts

· Al-Anon/Alateen: families and children of alcoholics www.al-anon.alateen.org/

· ACOA (also called ACA) – www.adultchildren.org

CoDA – Codependents Anonymous www.coda.org

· FA – Families Anonymous www.familiesanonymous.org

· Nar-Anon—Friends and family members of addicts (whether or not they are in recovery) www.nar-anon.org

· COSLAA – Codependents of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous www.coslaa.org

· COSA – Codependents of Sex Addicts www.cosa-recovery.org

· S-Anon – For those who have been affected by someone else’s sexual behavior www.sanon.org


Sexual Behavior

· Sexaholics Anonymous www.sa.org

· SAA – Sex Addicts Anonymous www.saa-recovery.org

· SCA – Sexual Compulsives Anonymous www.sca-recovery.org

· SLAA – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous www.slaafws.org

Survivors of Sexual Trauma

· SIA – Survivors of Incest Anonymous www.siawso.org

· RSA – Rape Survivors Anonymous www.groups.msn.com/rapesurvivorsanonymous

· Sex industry survivors www.sexindustrysurvivors.com


· DA – Debtors Anonymous www.debtorsanonymous.org

· GA – Gamblers Anonymous www.gamblersanonymous.org

· SA – Spenders Anonymous www.spenders.org

· WA – Workaholics Anonymous www.workaholics-anonymous.org

· Procrastinators Anonymous www.procrastinators-anonymous.org

· CLA – Clutterers Anonymous www.clutterersanonymous.net

Mental/Emotional/Psychological Disorders

· ADDAnon: Attention Deficit Disorder Anonymous http://members.aol.com/addanon/

· DA – Depressed Anonymous www.depressedanon.com

· EA – Emotions Anonymous www.emotionsanonymous.org

· DRA – Dual Recovery Anonymous (for “dual diagnosis”: people with a chemical dependency and some form of psychological/mental illness.) www.draonline.org

· DDA – Dual Diagnosis Anonymous www.ddaworldwide.org

· SPA – Social Phobics Anonymous www.healsocialanxiety.com

· SMA – Self-Mutilators Anonymous www.selfmutilatorsanonymous.org

· OLGA / OLG-Anon – OnLine Gamers Anonymous www.olganonboard.org

HCV Anonymous (Hepatitis C Virus) www.hcvanonymous.com

· HIV Anonymous www.hivanonymous.com

· A.R.T.S. Anonymous—Artists in Recovery in the Twelve Steps www.artsanonymous.org

· PIR – a forum for pagans in recovery in 12-step programs www.pagansinrecovery.com

· RCA – Recovering Couples Anonymous www.recovering-couples.org

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