Online Course: Health Care Work in Small Communities

This online course and discussion group will look at how health care in small communities differs in nature from large-scale health care. It is designed for health care practitioners who are currently working in, or planning to work in small, rural towns, or

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Creating a Community of Deep Listeners.

Reevaluation Counseling Class with Jesse Tichenor and Didi Pershouse starting in January 2009.  Thetford VT. Sliding scale.   For more information about the class, please contact Didi Pershouse at (802)785-2503.

Re-evaluation counseling, or “Co-counseling” has changed my life in a profound way, and helped me to understand and change some of my deepest patterns that years of therapy never touched, and I am very pleased to be assisting Jesse, one of my teachers, in this

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