New York Times highlights sustainable agriculture

An article in today’s New York Times highlights the need for real food and sustainable agriculture, and offers a promising view that Obama and his agriculture secretary may be on track. The best part is reading about how many members of Congress are carrying Michael Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Dillemma around with them.

Cubans Offer Free Doctors, US Refuses

On several instances, Cuba has offered to send free doctors and medical supplies to the United States, and the US has turned them down. Is this right? Cuban doctors are known around the world for the excellent medical care they provide in underserved and recent-disaster areas, absolutely free of charge.  Why should we turn them down?

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Fidel Castro’s speech to doctors gathered poised to help after Katrina is

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A New Kind of Health Care: Sustainable Medicine

Upper Valley Life Magazine Featured the Center for Sustainable Medicine and the philosophy of Didi Pershouse in their March of 2008 issue. Click here to download and read the article:

A New Kind of Health Care: Sustainable Medicine

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