Sustainable Medicine and Peak Oil Part 2

In this interview, Didi Pershouse of the Center for Sustainable Medicine talks with Dan Bednarz of Health After Oil about the Cuban health care system, peak oil, free medical schools, community acupuncture, cholesterol myths, and how working-class values and owning-class values play out in different models of health care. The interview first appeared at

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Peak Oil and Sustainable Medicine, Part 1

Dan Bednarz, PhD, left his position as Associate Director of the Center for Public Health Practice at the University of Pittsburgh in 2005 to devote himself full-time to speaking and writing on the topic of peak oil and how it affects health care. His website is

He is interviewed here by Didi Pershouse, CCH, LAc, founder of the Center for Sustainable Medicine, and author of the Sustainable Medicine Manifesto. Her

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