Intro to Homeopathy Class in WRJ, Vermont

Homeopathy for Parents and Other Caregivers:  Introductory Class with Didi Pershouse, CCH

Homeopathic medicine is one of the most sustainable forms of medicine and well-suited to home care for both adults and children as it is safe, easy to use, inexpensive, and environmentally sound. It is used extensively by primary care doctors in Europe and India. Clinical trials have shown homeopathy to be very effective in treating a wide range of conditions. Knowing how to use a homeopathic first-aid kit and look up remedies in a “repertory” are going to be essential community health care skills for a post-oil economy (as they were for working-class communities in 19th century New England.)

Here are some cases I have treated recently that could have easily been treated at home if someone in the patient’s family had taken this class:

1. Someone broke out in hives from emotional upset, and the hives weren’t going away even after a full day and night. A single dose of homeopathic apis took them away within half an hour.

2. A woman had a croupy cough that persisted long after her cold symptoms went away. A dose of homeopathic spongia took care of it.

4. A man had continuing swelling and pain in his leg a month later after a skiing injury. After two days on arnica, the swelling and pain were gone.

In this class you will learn the basic principles of homeopathy: how it works, how it is different from naturopathic and herbal medicine, how to look things up in homeopathic reference books, and which kinds of symptoms you can treat at home safely and inexpensively with homeopathy–and which cases you should leave to a professional physician or homeopath.  We will also be looking at some research studies on homeopathy and how homeopathy has been used in epidemic illnesses in the past and present. You will also learn what sorts of conditions should be treated by a professional homeopath, or seen by an MD. This class stands on its own but will also serve as a foundation for future advanced classes on differentiating remedies for:

Colds and Flus

Epidemic Illness

Hiking and Outdoor Injuries

Children’s Illnesses

Gardener’s Aches and Pains

and more…

WHEN: Saturday, September 26th 1-4:30 pm, (the same class will be offered again on November 21st.)

COST: $45

WHERE: Upper Valley Food Coop, White River Junction, VT

To sign up or for more information call (802) 785-2503

or email

About the Instructor:

Nationally certified homeopath Didi Pershouse, CCH, LAc, has provided gentle and affordable health care for over 15 years. She is co-author of the latest homeopathy textbook: Vital Expression: A Manual on Homeopathic Casetaking, and was editor of the preparatory course for the national exam in Homeopathy. She is the founder of The Center for Sustainable Medicine, and the Two Rivers Clinic in Thetford Center. You can read her Sustainable Medicine Manifesto online at

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