Online Course: Health Care Work in Small Communities

This online course and discussion group will look at how health care in small communities differs in nature from large-scale health care. It is designed for health care practitioners who are currently working in, or planning to work in small, rural towns, or other small communities, and who would like to share ideas and ask questions.

The discussion will include topics such as

  • boundaries
  • affordable workspaces
  • in-home vs. private offices
  • bartering
  • advertising
  • small-town social dynamics
  • patient privacy vs. building support networks
  • housecalls
  • sliding scales

Didi Pershouse is a homeopath and acupuncturist who founded a successful multidisciplinary clinic in a town with less than 3000 residents, where she has worked for nearly 15 years. Her philosophy of fertile rather than sterile relationships between practitioners and clients has served her, and her patients, well.  To read more about her work, visit

The class will take place over a 6-week period. The class is being offered on a sliding scale of $120 to $360, and is limited to 12 participants.  For more information or to sign up, contact Didi Pershouse through the contact page, or call (802) 785-2503.

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