The Soul of the Land: with Mark Kutolowski

The Soul of the Land: Deep Listening and Conscious Relationship with the Natural World

With Mark Kutolowski, May 1st and 2nd, Thetford Vermont

This weekend program is an opportunity to open to a greatly expanded awareness of, and relationship with, the land and the web of life.  We will begin the program by learning practices for deep listening and enhanced awareness – tools from both the Christian wilderness tradition and contemporary sensory awareness training.  After this attunement training, we will practice engaging with specific plants, animals, and elemental features of the land  We will learn ways to build direct, interbeing relationships with this other-than-human world, in the spirit of Francis of Assisi, Cuthbert of Northumbria and other forest saints.  While not the focus of the program, some edible and medicinal plant knowledge, and basic tracking skills, will be included as a part of our listening to the plants and animals.
This program presents a great opportunity to expand our world of relationships, and carries with it the ongoing responsibility of tending to these relations after completion of the weekend.

Program dates: May 1,  9am – 9pm, & May 2, 9am-5pm, 2010

Location: Thetford, Vermont.  Camping will be available for those wishing to stay overnight.

Cost: The fixed price of food and land use is $50 per person.  The program fee is by free will offering at the end of the course for those who have the means to contribute.

Maximum enrollment: 8

For more information, or to register, please contact New Creation Wilderness Programs at P.O. Box 651, Wilder, VT 05088, (802) 299-7498,

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