Health and healing without medicine: Simple, powerful tools for vitality and health

Didi Pershouse and Mark Kutolowski are teaching a four-part series at the Upper Valley Food Coop in White River Junction, Vermont. This series is designed to teach participants to tap into the healing powers of their own body apart from the use of external medicines (herbal, conventional/western, or otherwise) or treatments from medical practitioners (western or alternative).  We will explore practical ways to regain, maintain, and super-charge health through our body’s own resources.  These methods are simple, powerful, profound, and offer an extremely affordable approach to basic health care.
Each session will cover one particular approach to self-healing.  Together, they represent a comprehensive approach to self-care:

  • THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2011. Awakening to the reality of bioenergy, the energetic precursors of disease, and how to release disease patterns at their energetic source before manifestation.  We will learn an energy-based theory of health and illness, and specific exercises to clear and heal the energy field.  This class is based in insights from the 3,000 year old Chinese energetic practices of QiGong.
  • HEALING THE EMOTIONAL FIELD: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011.   How to recognize and release (‘discharge’) emotional pain and blockages.  The correlation between emotional and physiological illness.  Learning ways of intimacy and effective non-professional counseling.  How to release and heal from emotional pain with other people, with nature, and in body-based meditation.  In this class we will draw extensively on our direct experiences as counselors and retreat leaders, and the perspectives of Re-evaluation Counseling.
  • TEMPERING THE BODY WITH THE FORCES OF NATURE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 2011.  How to use air, water, earth and fire to heal and greatly revitalize the body.  This includes breath work to strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems, alternating hot and cold (fire and water) in European sauna traditions to revitalize the body, cold water therapy to restore the nervous system, and strengthening the immune system through earth-laying and barefoot walking.  We will draw heavily from practices rooted in the indigenous Russian Health System.
  • TRUE NOURISHMENT: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2011.  Traditional diets, the role of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients in healing.  How to build an optimal diet for lifelong health and vitality.  This session also includes discussion of the role of fasting in restoring and maintaining abundant health.  We will root our insights in the common principles of traditional diets used to build health worldwide before the advent of the industrial food system.

$20 for UVFC members or $60 for all 4
$25 each for non-members or $80 for all 4
Limit 20 Participants per class.
Mark Kutolowski is a unique energy healer and a passionate instructor of the body’s capacities for self-healing.  Mark studied traditional QiGong energy medicine in Malaysia, has over 14 years of experience in QiGong healing, and is also a practitioner of classical Slavic health systems. Mark treats patients through a combination of QiGong, dietary change, and facilitating connection with the healing forces of nature.  Mark is also a professional wilderness guide, and teacher of wilderness living skills.

Didi Pershouse, LAc, CCH is a licensed acupuncturist, classical homeopath, dietary consultant, and the director of the Center for Sustainable Medicine in Thetford Center, VT.  Didi has over 17 years of experience practicing her gentle and transformative approach to healing in the Upper Valley.  She is an instructor in peer counseling, and a popular speaker on the topic of sustainable medicine – including models of self-healing and community empowerment.
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