Share your project

We are always interested in hearing about examples of resiliency, adaptation, and sustainability in the world of healthcare. Some of it simply helps to inspire us. Some of it may even be featured here on this website, or in future books or articles we write. Here are some examples of things we’d love to hear about:
• Hospitals and clinics and medical supply manufacturers that are making major changes towards sustainability and resilience.
• Communities that have come up with innovative ways to provide care for each other.
• Advances in medicine, and medical research, that relate to the microbiome, ecopsychology, mind-body medicine, or other whole-systems approaches to health.
• Innovative partnerships of alternative and standard medical care.
• Medical schools that are offering innovative courses related to climate, health, and sustainability, or reskilling in low-tech forms of diagnosis and treatment.
• New economic models: free medical schools, health care cooperatives, and other innovative ways of sharing and reducing the cost of medical care.
• Films, radio programs, interviews and articles related to any of the above topics
• Something we can’t even imagine!

Please make your report well written, ACCURATE (check all facts, and include footnotes), and include up to five photographs along with it. One to two pages of text is usually plenty,. Please do not submit anything longer than three pages. We will ask for more information if we need it.

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